Who we serve?

  • The poor, disabled, children, leprosy-affected and otherwise marginalized in Yunnan
  • The medical needs of those who are, for whatever reason, living without reasonable access to healthcare
  • The staff of hospitals, clinics, medical education facilities and individuals to increase their ability to supply quality care to the marginalized

Why we do what we do?

  • Access to quality medical care is a problem for some people. We seek to provide medical care for those most in need of it
  • We believe in teaching others to go and teach others – we want to see national medical professionals of every type trained and desiring to deliver excellent care with a loving heart to all who are sick and suffering
  • We pass on the value of a heart which seeks to serve and help others with their lives

What do we offer?

  • Prevention, primary care, physical/occupational therapy and hospice care
  • We provide training within the context of our projects for physical/occupational therapists, physicians, dentists and other health care professionals. We work together with local health education institutions and hospitals to improve the quality of care offered within China’s system
  • We provide direct care in a broad variety of contexts for those in need, establishing clinics, rehabilitation facilities, projects which serve the leprosy-affected in their villages, disadvantaged children in their homes, etc.
  • We provide access to expert advisors/instructors, sponsoring many short term medical teams to add to what our fulltime staff are able to offer

How do we do it?

  • Kumming International Clinic – Partnering with the Yunnan Kidney Hospital
  • Through hands-on learning – training health professionals as we work together with them in a variety of settings
  • Encouraging a heart that cares and gives – modeling a love for the people of China to the Chinese across the breadth of projects/trainings, etc
  • Directly caring for those in need – the need is endless. We place ourselves in a position of being able and willing to offer a response which provides that need

What has been achieved to date?

  • Tens of thousands of patients served (both through our direct care as well as through those who have learned from and been encouraged by us to offer effective care)
  • Thousands of health professionals built up and/or established in serving the needs of the poor and marginalized
  • Immeasurable, but immense prevention of disease from simple cases of diarrhea to TB to HIV
  • Improved quality of life for tens of thousands, through surgery, physical therapy, prosthetics, education, glasses, medicines and many other forms of care