The Dehong BCI Team

  • Team = 4 Nationals, 2 Expats

Who We Impact

  • Local villages and their poor
  • HIV/AIDS affected and their families

What We Do

We assist poor village families in three main areas:

  • Educating by means of performances about HIV and prevention with the aim to reduce stigma. BCI also trains local volunteers who then teach others in their village
  • Microfinance loans and group trainings in money mangement, family relationship etc to those affected by AIDS so that they learn to support themselves through raising livestock. BCI also provides one-to-one councilling.

How the Site Started

In 2006, BCI began work in Dehong with a 3 year summer English teacher training course in partnership with the local Education bureau. When this ended in 2008, BCI signed a contract with the local health bureau to do HIV prevention and care work and has been doing this work since then.