The Diqing BCI Team

  • Team = 7 Nationals, 3 Expats

Who We Impact

  • People with disabilities
  • Children with special needs or difficult family situations
  • HIV related high risk groups
  • People and communities affected by leprosy
  • Poor patients and others with serious medical needs
  • The health and rehabilitation sector of Diqing

What We Do

  • Diqing Rehabilitation Center — assisting people with disabilities mainly through physical rehabilitation and prosthetics.
  • Xia Ruo Children’s Care Center — assisting children with special needs.
  • HIV Prevention Programme — HIV prevention in high risk and general populations
  • Community Rehabilitation Programme — Holistic rehabilitation of people and communities affected by leprosy, including educational, social, economic and physical/medical aspects
  • Medical Programme – medical trainings; assisting local hospitals with challenging patients; village level medical outreach; assistance with hospitalization, surgeries, specialised treatment for poor patients and people with serious medical needs.
  • Student Support for children with challenging economic situations

How the Site Started

BCI’s work in Diqing Prefecture began in 1998 with English teacher training, village doctor training and compassionate medical relief efforts.