Nujiang (Fugong)

The Nujiang BCI Team

  • Team = 1 Nationals, 1 Expat

Who We Impact

  • Orphans and their foster homes
  • Village and communities in which these foster children live

What We Do

In foster home care, we aim to provide hope and ensure each child (orphaned or abandoned) continues to grow up with their own relatives, culture, language and community. This involves:

  • Assisting orphans and foster families in their own villages through visits by trained village women living in the same village
  • Providing educational assistance to enable orphans to study to ninth grade and beyond
  • Providing vocational training skills for the older orphans e.g. carpentry apprenticeship
  • Medical assistance

How the Site Started

In 2003, BCI began work in Fugong by starting to form the foundations of its Foster Care Project North, and the program beginning to run in 2004. It started with only 4 foster homes, 4 orphans and 4 foster home visitors, and now there are 34 foster homes, 52 orphans and 26 foster home visitors.