The Xishuangbanna BCI Team

  • Team = 13 Nationals, 1 Expats
  • Site Director – Jaap den Butter

Who We impact

(i) the Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) Project impacts:

  • High risk commercial sex workers
  • Brothel owners and managers

(ii) the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Project impacts:

  • Leprosy affected, their families and communities in which they live

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What We Do

(i) the Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) Project aims to increase education on and prevention of HIV/AIDS and STIs, build relationships and help direct CSWs to alternative long-term vocations. This involves:

  • Relationship building and participatory small group sessions (PLA)
  • Educating CSWs and brothel managers about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) and ways to minimise transmission

(ii) the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Project aims to see the villagers affected by leprosy being integrated as peers in their community. This involves:

  • Cooperating with the local Center for Disease Control, to gather baseline data on stigma for target populations
  • Teaching self-care methods and sustainable lifestyle practices
  • Providing leprosy education to the general population to decrease stigma towards the disease

How the Site Started

This is BCI’s oldest site and began in July 1994 when, in coordination with the Yunnan Provincial Public Health Bureau, a program to train village doctors was started.  Each training session was 3 months long, and the program was run three times a year, with 40 students in each class. Over the years different leaders have come to help and run the program, as well as starting a variety of other projects.